Verify that a .NET type is compatible with a schema in the Schema Registry.


Test that a type works with the latest version of a subject
$ dotnet avro registry-test --assembly ./out/Example.Models.dll --registry-url http://registry:8081 --subject example_subject --type Example.Models.ExampleModel
A deserializer cannot be created for ExampleModel: ExampleModel does not have a field or property that matches the Number field on ExampleModel.


-a, --assembly
The name of or path to an assembly to load (multiple space-separated values accepted).
Whether enums should be represented as integers.
Whether reference types should be nullable.
Whether timestamps should be represented with "string" schemas (ISO 8601) or "long" schemas (timestamp logical types). Options are iso8601, epochmilliseconds, and epochmicroseconds.
-t, --type
The type to build a schema for.
-c, --registry-config
Configuration options to provide to the registry client (multiple space-separated key=value pairs accepted).
-r, --registry-url
The URL of the schema registry.
Resolve schema by ID
-i, --id
The ID of the schema.
Resolve schema by subject/version
-s, --subject
The subject of the schema.
-v, --version
The version of the schema.