C.H. Robinson Expands Its Technology Center in Warsaw, Poland

C.H. Robinson Expands Its Technology Center in Warsaw, Poland

C.H. Robinson has long been a worldwide company with IT and business offices across the globe. But recently we announced plans to add over one hundred IT professionals in Warsaw, Poland. But why in Warsaw? As someone who moved to Warsaw a few months ago, I can tell you already that Warsaw is an amazing location for our growing IT teams at C.H. Robinson.

C.H. Robinson has a long standing presence in Poland with over 20 years of business in this country. C.H. Robinson Poland was recently honored by Top Employers Institute as a Top Employer 2019 which recognizes the companies who provide the best working environment for their employees. Warsaw is home to one of our largest transportation office in the country with over 150 employees providing services to customers across Europe. Giving our IT team easy access to our users for rapid feedback and testing was an obvious win for us in Warsaw. In addition, we already have one of our European IT teams located in Warsaw as a seed for our growth.

Looking to add over one hundred IT personnel in one place meant we had to have a pool of talented technical people to pull from in the area. Luckily Warsaw is home to several universities and technical schools with over 250,000 students, many in IT-related programs. In addition, Poland has been one of the fastest growing countries in the European Union. This growth as a major global city that links economic regions into the world economy has attracted many people to the region and makes for a large pool of talented technologists in the area.

Attracting people through the economy is only part of the story though. Warsaw is a beautiful city in a country with diverse offerings for the people who live there. Poland contains 15 UNESCO World Heritage Sites and a diverse range of outdoor activities. It has a rich history that has influenced its cuisine, art, architecture, and music giving it a unique character that reflects its position in central Europe.

C.H. Robinson’s decision to grow our European IT offices in Warsaw was driven by the people there and our history in the city. We’re excited to be growing our team, seeking roles such as software engineers, IT business analysts, database administrators, application systems engineers, IT managers, and quality assurance analysts.

If you want in learning more about our team in Warsaw and joining us here, check out our offers.