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Moving to React Testing Library

At C.H. Robinson, we continuously strive to keep in line with industry and community best practices and patterns. React Testing Library has come to be the next generation standard for testing React applications. We made a change to our templates to use this and want to share why we think this is a better approach for testing.

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#Pets Slack: Doggo On It

Slack is an amazing tool for connecting our organization across time zones, oceans, and job types. While the productivity benefits of Slack are well-documented in a previous blog post, we only touched upon the true team-building assets it provides. One of the greatest aspects of slack, and one of the most rewarding non-monetary perks of working at C.H. Robinson, is

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Building Strong Relationships with PACER Center

A day at PACER Center that is truly about supporting amazing girls and showing them that STEM is a place for and by women, and nothing – neither gender nor disability — should ever hold them back.

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