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React at C.H. Robinson

Evan Bremer

Consolidating our front-end technology stack around a community favorite has enabled us to move more quickly, together. Read More

Women in Tech

Kim Mai, Amanda Fullan, and Natalie Wolf

What began as a Slack channel for women in IT to share their experiences, post articles, and ask questions quickly grew into a passionate group of highly motivated women who started bringing their ideas to life. Read More

Getting to know Battery Historian

Brad Jewell

You understand Battery Management and Why It Matters, but now you need to know how much of an impact does your app have on a device. To do that you'll need to be able to measure power consumption and resource utilization. Thankfully, for Android, there is a powerful tool to do just that. Read More

Navisphere Transformation

Nick Goble

Take a look at how we transformed our primary customer-facing application. Read More

Battery Management and Why it Matters

Brad Jewell

At C.H. Robinson, our mobile team applies tools and practices to achieve the desired results of our mobile apps while conserving the user's battery. Our mission is to provide value to our end users while maintaining an undetectable impact to their battery and data usage. Read More