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Slack: Connecting Our Global IT Team

The Engineering Blog Committee

With the help of Slack, we’re able to share what we’ve learned, connect better with the people that we work with, and cut down on more than 6,000 emails every week. Read More

Linking a Series of Jekyll Posts

Brian Mitchell

When we (the Engineering Blog committee here at C.H. Robinson) were working on the Mobile Apps Battery Management series, we were looking for a way to link a group of similar posts into a multi-post series. We wanted to show the post order, and be able to link between the parts, both holistically, and to the previous and next posts. Read More

1500 Lessons Learned: Our DevOps Journey

Mike Tintes

Scale fast, fail fast, automate everything, and hope you get lucky. DevOps lessons for the enterprise. Read More

Navisphere Vision Has an Eye for Hurricane Disruption

Hayden Wade, Mimi Dietz, Amy Laird, and Ben Fenker

What happens when a team is given the chance to proactively anticipate their users' needs, attack a problem head on, and collaborate across roles to design a solution? For Navisphere Vision, the result was a quick turnaround that gave our customers a new level of visibility into how hurricanes were impacting their supply chain. Read More

The Developer Community at C.H. Robinson

Greg Drozdek

The Developer Community (DevComm) at C.H. Robinson hosts a variety of different knowledge sharing events and facilitates fun and informational interactions amongst developers. Read More