Ride for a Cause

Ride for a Cause

Biking 150 miles seems crazy.

Biking from Duluth to the Twin Cities, who in their right mind does that? But the challenge is enticing… Can I really do it? And is it worth the sore rear end I know is waiting for me on the other side of this ride? These are the questions that run through every new riders’ mind when they learn about the MS150 – a 150 mile bike ride that supports the Multiple Sclerosis Society.

Finish line victory celebration Finish line medals
Finish line victory celebrations


Greta signed up for her first MS150 for the chance to meet other cyclists. New to the sport and the company, Greta needed to find ride buddies. The ride was 120 miles longer than anything she had ever done before, and she wanted to know if she was up for the challenge. It also didn’t hurt that everyone got a pretty awesome Team Robinson cycling jersey. She completed her first MS150 in 2013, and now five rides later it’s still a highlight of her year.


Three years ago Josh was new to Robinson and looking for a way to connect with his coworkers. He mentioned he enjoyed biking and his teammates jumped at the opportunity to tell him about MS150. Initially he wasn’t won over by their excitement. Josh wanted to get to know them better, but he didn’t want to bike 150 miles to do it! Fortunately for him they were persistent. Two weeks later he registered, and has ridden every year since.


After agreeing to bike the 2017 MS150, Keith’s first thought was: I’m not ready for this. As he trained over the spring he discovered exclusive bike paths around some of the greatest lakes of Minneapolis, Minnehaha creek, up the Mississippi and even through downtown. When the ride came he was ready. The route from Duluth to the cities ended up being one of the best rides in the state, too. Riding with friends who were also there to support a great cause ensured he’d be back every year.

As members of the Robinson Captains Crew, the three of us get to help other new riders tackle this seemingly CRAZY feat. We answer questions for new riders, lead training rides, and get the whole office excited about the cause. A favorite fundraiser, six years running, is delivering coffee and homemade cookies throughout the hallways of our campus buildings for donations – by bike! Robinson employees never fail in their generosity.

Robinson’s team supported 162 riders last month – all of them employees, friends, and family. Collectively, Team Robinson raised $178,885 for the Multiple Sclerosis Society. Robinson has been the local Minnesota ride’s title sponsor for 9 years, showing their dedication to the cause. Rider and corporate donations fund research, support families coping with MS with in-home services, counseling, and even scholarships for kids whose parents are fighting the disease.

C.H. Robinson tent volunteers
C.H. Robinson tent volunteers

Preparing for and completing this ride is a testament of focus, determination, and strength. Those who have done it year over year build a community in their fellow riders. Riding 75 miles two days in a row gives you plenty to bond over – the sore butt, the awesome PBJ at rest stops, whatever flavor of weather you got stuck in this year. And the occasional war story makes you pretty darn tough; you can gloat for years that you finished it in spite of heat, rain, or even hail! We also need to give a shout out to all the volunteers that make it happen. Robinson employees and friends feed us at the rest stops along the way, keep us safe on the road as ride marshals, and throw a party for us at our halfway mark in Hinckley, MN.

As a whole, the C.H. Robinson MS150 brings out 3,500 riders annually and raised $2,944,249 this year alone.


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