See Things Differently

Are you drowning in a sea of buzzwords: Agile, Digital Transformation, Microservice Architecture, Data Science, Message Brokers, Open Source, Machine Learning, User-Centered Design, Cloud, DevOps, Streaming, Big Data, Observability, Containerization; and wondering how to make sense of it all? Well the good news is you are not alone. We at C.H. Robinson are also inundated with the same deluge of information.

C.H. Robinson is the original 3PL1. In our industry, information must move at the speed of thought as we are entrusted by the largest companies in the world to accelerate supply chain management within their business. Transportation and supply chain management are undergoing a massive digital disruption. These disruptions coupled with the changing landscape of technology have been a catalyst for an evolution at the very core of C.H. Robinson Information Technology. This evolution is re-defining the way we deliver value to our customers.

We welcome you to explore with us via our Engineering Blog the IT experiments and evolution underway at C.H. Robinson as we gear up for the digital age of supply chain management. Learn about our Agile journey and our engagement with the SD Learning Consortium. We will look into how we have leveraged the power of DevOps to evolve our architecture and improve our speed to market. We will demonstrate how User-Centered Design and personalized insight provide easy to use and intuitive products. You will see how we can connect more deeply with our customers through our Digitalization and API First designs. We will take a look at how we are providing our users and customers with more personal insights through Big Data and Data Science.

We will show you how we have taken advantage of this technology evolution to improve and expand our business capabilities:

“All work and no play make Jack a dull boy,” and C.H. Robinson IT is no different. So we will also take you on a tour of our culture through our employee engagement efforts in CHAMPS2. Our investments in diversity and caring will be on display through our sponsorship of WIT3 and yearly participation in Robinson Cares Week. We will highlight how we infuse our teams with a spirit of fun and innovation with our annual Hackamania.

We will help you see things differently. Instead of a confusing landscape of buzzwords we will show you how to realize the potential of emerging technologies to expand your own business capabilities.

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